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Let's go to PGB, Tolitoli's Old Matanggauk Budaya Appears at the exhibition

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Alasannews.com | This weekend you can see how Matànggaukan's cultural attractions are at PGB Tolitoli, Central Sulawesi. Matnggauk culture is one of the oldest Tolitoli tribes. maturgauk or magauk is a procession of appointment or coronation of the king or recognition of a wide audience of the existence of a king. The reason is that the oldest cultural attraction this time was held on the anniversary which coincided with the Tolitoli District Forestry Minister. cultural attractions included in the regional government program in the form of showing it to the public about the existence of the king's palace which is located in Nalu - kelurahan nalu. Where are you going on vacation, let's take some time to attend at PGB Tolitoli. Moreover, you who have not witnessed the Matanggauk procession. at PGB don't you just watch the oldest cultural festival in Tolitoli? There are many things that you can see there. The local government of Tolitlli presents exhibitions of the development of all OPDs. The festival is held to showcase Tolitolo's diverse cultures in a cultural arts parade. as the name suggests. Saturday afternoon to night is not only the typical Tolitoli tradition that is present. The culture of the various tribal regencies that live in harmony in this regency is also performed, such as the culture of Bugis, Gorontalo, Buol, Mandar to Bali and Java. a number of residents who were asked for their opinion said that the PGB festival should be patented every year in order to become a permanent tourism event at the end of the year. if this event is permanent, it will undoubtedly have added value both in economic aspects and aspects of promotion to the outside world will the diversity of cultures that live in Tolitoli. Because based on this media record, Tolitoli does not yet have a permanent tourism agenda that is well planned systematically. Puan

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