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Enjoy, Travel with a Savings Package to Pulau Kapas, Tolitoli Regency

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Alasannews.com, Tolitoli-Central Sulawesi | Holiday on weekend day? With a cost-effective, economical and convenient package, to Kapas Island.

Located on the right side of the Trans Tolitoli-Buol trans road, the island, according to the Tolitoli regent, will be developed to become one of the Tolitoli mainstay maritime destinations with low-cost designs and tariffs.

"In the future, we will arrange Kapas Island as a maritime tourism object that has advantages over other tourist areas. Here, we will build cottages and fresh and salty swimming pools," said Alek Bantilan, the nickname of H Moh Saleh Bantilan.

Through the Hand Phone channel, Alek said that Tolitoli currently has the support of national and world tourism centers, which have become the wrong agenda of tourist visits through their tarvel bureaus.

Asked about the facilities currently in Kapas Island, Alek claimed to be limited to ports or boat moorings and several resting places.

The subject is still very simple but very comfortable, he added. But, in the future Kapas Island will make the city a maritime or maritime tourism center for those who have hobbies and kege, aran in the sea. Kapas Island, will be the base if tourists want to enjoy Salando and Dolangan, he said.

Salando island and Dolangan island are the leading islands of the Republic of Indonesia which the Tolitoli Regional Government is developing as a maritime tourist attraction, Alek said again.

Dolangan Island

1 ° 22′40 ″ N 120 ° 53′04 ″ E / 1.37778 ° N 120.88444 ° E Dolangan Island is Indonesia's outer island located in the Sulawesi Sea and borders Malaysia and the Philippines.

This Dolangan Island is part of the Tolitoli District government area, Central Sulawesi province.

The island is in the north of the City of Tolitoli with coordinates of 1 ° 22′40 ″ LU, 120 ° 53′4 ″ BT

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