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Beijing - reasons Chinese President Xi Jinping held a meeting with the Chinese Communist Party elite during the Chinese New Year. at the meeting, they discussed the corona virus outbreak that hit his country and Xi Jinping mentioned the rapid spread of the virus put China in a serious situation. reported by the Associated Press, and written detik.com, Sunday (1/26/2020), there were more than 1,200 people and 41 people died due to infection with the corona virus. The Chinese government is urged to immediately finish the spread of the corona virus. Hong Kong's leader, Carrie Lam, said it was increasing the state of emergency, and closed schools for two weeks. Plane and train flights from Wuhan are prohibited from entering. In Wuhan, all citizens are prohibited from going out using vehicles such as private cars. but there are 6,000 taxis provided to help get around, if needed by the citizens of Wuhan. Chinese New Year 2020 has been devoid of celebrations in China because of this plague. The Chinese government canceled a number of events and closed tourist attractions. one Chinese resident, Li Mengbin, said he had canceled going to his hometown to celebrate the Chinese New Year because of limited transportation access. "We originally planned to return to my wife's hometown and buy train tickets to leave this afternoon," Li Mengbin said. "We finally canceled. But I'm still happy to celebrate the new year in Beijing, which I haven't done for several years," added Li Puan

Sabtu, 18 Januari 2020 08:35

Hill Asa Tolitoli, Amazing Destynasi

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TOLITOLI - Reasons Asres Hill Potres - peaks and Lampasio valleys - during the rainy season. The mist-covered cape in Tolitoli - Central Sulawesi, has now become one of the objects and a sensation-filled destination. How is the story? Bukit asa actually is not a real name. His real name is Babo Anjam (Anjam peak) or Anjam arbor.

But tourism activists in Tolitoli, named the area as Asa or proof of hope. this began when they took over the thick kabun which every morning covered the area as a very sensational potential. When it was packed into a special tourist attraction. as fierce as the fog that is so hard when crossing the trans Sulawesi road that defends the evidence, it is very far-reaching that we cannot even find it anywhere else in this country. That is why, tourism activist Mr.

Amiruddin cs rolling this area as one of the destinations. what are you doing here? This height became an area of ​​vegetable gardens and other plantations such as cocoa and cloves. You can enjoy roasted corn on the cake or stew. Sweet corn from Lampasio, is very familiar to residents there. this area produces fruits such as rambutan, langsat, salak and even durian and mango and oranges and dragon fruit. Complete for those who do it and enjoy.


Alasannews.com | This weekend you can see how Matànggaukan's cultural attractions are at PGB Tolitoli, Central Sulawesi. Matnggauk culture is one of the oldest Tolitoli tribes. maturgauk or magauk is a procession of appointment or coronation of the king or recognition of a wide audience of the existence of a king. The reason is that the oldest cultural attraction this time was held on the anniversary which coincided with the Tolitoli District Forestry Minister. cultural attractions included in the regional government program in the form of showing it to the public about the existence of the king's palace which is located in Nalu - kelurahan nalu. Where are you going on vacation, let's take some time to attend at PGB Tolitoli. Moreover, you who have not witnessed the Matanggauk procession. at PGB don't you just watch the oldest cultural festival in Tolitoli? There are many things that you can see there. The local government of Tolitlli presents exhibitions of the development of all OPDs. The festival is held to showcase Tolitolo's diverse cultures in a cultural arts parade. as the name suggests. Saturday afternoon to night is not only the typical Tolitoli tradition that is present. The culture of the various tribal regencies that live in harmony in this regency is also performed, such as the culture of Bugis, Gorontalo, Buol, Mandar to Bali and Java. a number of residents who were asked for their opinion said that the PGB festival should be patented every year in order to become a permanent tourism event at the end of the year. if this event is permanent, it will undoubtedly have added value both in economic aspects and aspects of promotion to the outside world will the diversity of cultures that live in Tolitoli. Because based on this media record, Tolitoli does not yet have a permanent tourism agenda that is well planned systematically. Puan

Rabu, 20 November 2019 08:23

The Way that Village Children Enjoy Their Childhood

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Reasons Travel News, Tolitoli | Usually, doing MTMA is only professional or trained people. At the very least, understand the natural conditions and know how safe he is. But, even the children of the Oyom hinterland, Lampasio Tolitoli do not care about that.

they just cool to mingle with water as their nature. Excited to see their style and behavior. Plain without knowledge, as people do, My Trip My Adventure.

Everyday viewers in the village of Oyom, they usually middle-aged children do ahead of the afternoon sun.

this place is one of the hamlets in Oyom Village, Lampasio District, Tolitoli, Central Sulawesi. This hamlet is inhabited by most of the Dondo tribes, as are other hamlets in the village.

Middle-aged children are agile and nimble, and this is their toy every time they go home from school, said Amir, one of the residents in the village. Similar MTMA ... this is MTMA Ala Anak Kampung, said Tolitoli Tourism stap.

meanwhile, other attractions in Lalos Beach, Galang Tolitoli offer the roar of the waves and the Sun Set. Place, is the most favorite visited by residents every weekend.

Playing on the waves with clean sand and water, the place is the belle of most local tourists Cengkeh City, Tolitoli. 12 Km from the city of cloves, it can be reached within 15 to 20 minutes.

In the afternoon, the amazing view is the sun set. The sunset is an incredible natural panorama on this beach. as said Tolitoli Regent, Moh Saleh Bantilan, the sun looks exactly flat with 18.00 pulul water.

Both places, can be your choice on a holiday weekend. How, just choose! (Ladies)

Sabtu, 16 November 2019 04:55

Tolitoli Offers Destynasi Waterfall

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DESTYNASI waterfall, is one of Tolitoli tourism potential, Central Sulawesi which can be said unspoiled. In fact, coming on vacation on weekends in the waterfall area can certainly make us fres and as a means of releasing noise and busyness for a week.

The editorial ofewsnews.com, this morning recommended several locations of the Amiruddin Rahman camera footage. At least, three waterfalls are in Galang, Basiodondo and Lampasio.

Batu Meelam waterfall (red stone) in Ogomatanang Village, Lampasio District is the only tourist attraction in the village that every week gets a visit. From the city of Tolitoli about 30 minutes by four wheels.

this place, by the local village government began to be addressed by preparing McK and dego-dego for you to rest while enjoying the menu of course your own luggage. At first glance, it has been arranged, but its natural authenticity is maintained.


another thing with Batu Napak waterfall in Labonu Village, Basidondo District, is still natural and people start visiting every weekend. It is located about 500 meters from the highway. Here there are two waterfalls with different heights. 7 meters and 14 meters. there are no facilities, the roar of water and birdsong here originally.

Then at the waterfall in Malangga, Galang District. This village, has four waterfalls. Some can be reached by riding a two-wheeled trail vehicle, there is also a walk through the forest and river for up to 10 hours.


want to adventure with the natural forest, to the waterfall in the eastern part of Malangga where. With a height of about 60 meters, making the surrounding location filled with the roar of water. It's not fun, but if you come here you have to prepare. physical preparation because they have to walk and preparation for provisions not to starve.

The challenging terrain makes people rarely visit this waterfall, said Amiruddin.

People say, this is the Mae Mae waterfall. Taken from Dondo which means above (far).


How about you?


Alasannews.com, Tolitoli-Central Sulawesi | Holiday on weekend day? With a cost-effective, economical and convenient package, to Kapas Island.

Located on the right side of the Trans Tolitoli-Buol trans road, the island, according to the Tolitoli regent, will be developed to become one of the Tolitoli mainstay maritime destinations with low-cost designs and tariffs.

"In the future, we will arrange Kapas Island as a maritime tourism object that has advantages over other tourist areas. Here, we will build cottages and fresh and salty swimming pools," said Alek Bantilan, the nickname of H Moh Saleh Bantilan.

Through the Hand Phone channel, Alek said that Tolitoli currently has the support of national and world tourism centers, which have become the wrong agenda of tourist visits through their tarvel bureaus.

Asked about the facilities currently in Kapas Island, Alek claimed to be limited to ports or boat moorings and several resting places.

The subject is still very simple but very comfortable, he added. But, in the future Kapas Island will make the city a maritime or maritime tourism center for those who have hobbies and kege, aran in the sea. Kapas Island, will be the base if tourists want to enjoy Salando and Dolangan, he said.

Salando island and Dolangan island are the leading islands of the Republic of Indonesia which the Tolitoli Regional Government is developing as a maritime tourist attraction, Alek said again.

Dolangan Island

1 ° 22′40 ″ N 120 ° 53′04 ″ E / 1.37778 ° N 120.88444 ° E Dolangan Island is Indonesia's outer island located in the Sulawesi Sea and borders Malaysia and the Philippines.

This Dolangan Island is part of the Tolitoli District government area, Central Sulawesi province.

The island is in the north of the City of Tolitoli with coordinates of 1 ° 22′40 ″ LU, 120 ° 53′4 ″ BT

Selasa, 11 Jun 2019 03:52

Well Come To Salando Island, Tolitoli, Central Sulawesi

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Alasannews.com, Tolitoli-Central Sulawesi | The choice of Tolitoli is a tourist destination area, strongly supported by the geographical location and culture of the people.

From the search of this media team, there are several objects that can be a mainstay like the outermost islands that Tolitoli has.

The three leading islands, Salando and Dolangan are very possible to become reliable destinations. While regional culture or culture, is an open area with no antipathy for incoming culture (positive origin).

Etni which area around destynasi is very familiar with outsiders - so that it can be guaranteed there is no friction with tourism development by the government.

One of the things the government is interested in developing is the island of Salando. 1 ° 20′16 ″ N 120 ° 47′31 ″ E / 1.33778 ° N 120.79194 ° E

The island of Salando is Indonesia's outer island located in the Sulawesi Sea and borders the countries of Malaysia and the Philippines.

This Salando Island is part of the Tolitoli District government area, Central Sulawesi province. The island is in the north of Tolitoli City with coordinates 1 ° 20′16 ″ LU, 120 ° 47′31 ″ BT


Alasannews.com, Tolitoli-Central Sulawesi | H + 4 Eid, Burasa food and snacks and Sokko Tumbu are in demand. According to the reason for Facebook.com, on Saturday (8/6) or on Lebaran four days, people's interest in the two types of culinary began to increase.

Burasa made from rice cooked using a mixture of coconut milk, is typical for Muslims every Eid or Eid al-Adha arrives. Wrapped with banana leaves, the origin of the food of Burasa has not been revealed for sure.

What is clear is that the people in the plains of Sulawesi island, on average, know about this type of food. Although eaten without side dishes or vegetables, burasa remains delicious with a distinctive savory flavor.

Usually, in the past, Burasa was only eaten with side dishes in the form of bajabu. Side dishes of bajabu, grated coconut, mixed with dried fish mashed and roasted, become friends to eat. In addition to burasa,

Sokko Tumbu is also one of the foods that are hunted in the late Eid. Sokko tumbu is made from sticky rice, also one of the typical menu of Sulawesi people who are almost present in every house when Eid or Eid al-Adha arrives.

That said, both of these snacks seemed to perfect the Lebaran Muslims in the Sulawesi plains when presented to their families and relatives

Alasannews.com, Tolitoli-Central Sulawesi | The popularity of Warung Kopi (Warkop) is still the top hangout in Tolitoli. Coffee lovers, from all walks of life in this city, spend time in warkop spread over several points.
Every city feels incomplete if you don't have a coffee station. Yes, it's called Warkop.
One of the many coffee shops is Warkop Buya. Andi Hamka Palewai's Warkop upbringing operates on Jl. Ismail Bantilan, Panasakan Village.
On the sidelines of his busy schedule, Owner Warkop Buya, Andi Hamka Palewai, took the time to receive and chat with the editorial staff of Alasannews.com at his warkop, Saturday (05/04/2019)
In the conversation, the initiator of Buya Coffee told about the initial initiation to the philosophy contained in each treat from the coffee concoction.
"Mixing coffee must be tasteful. From that taste that gives birth to love. With that, coffee will be welcomed with love by the lover," Andi Hamka said in a rather serious tone.
Coffee served by Warkop Buya, Andi Hamka claimed as the first generation of coffee if it refers to the method of concocting it.
To maintain the authenticity of the flavor, Andi Hamka was still down and immediately mixed it. Even if it is carried out by his child, Andi Hamka will continue to control it.
Aside from the typical coffee, the Warkop buya provides various types of treat menus which are generally available in cafes or warkop in general
However, from all the menus, the mainstay menu is Kaledo, Palubasa and Palumara.
The three mainstay menus are all traditionally known regions in Sulawesi. Kaledo is a traditional specialty of Palu, Central Sulawesi. Whereas Pallumara and Pallubasa are typical of South Sulawesi.
"We need to lift and continue to preserve our traditional food. But it needs to be combined with contemporary tastes to be well received by today's consumers," explained Andi Hamka.
Warkop Buya is actually a newcomer to Tolitoli. But with the superiority of the taste of coffee and its three mainstay menus, it is believed to be able to become a competitive Warkop in Tolitoli.
Evidently, just launched a few months ago, the Warkop, which initially opened on the Trans Sulawesi Road, Ginunggung, is now always crowded with visitors.
Regarding the arrangement and appearance of the Warkop room, Andi explained that the design concept of the place displayed in the Warkop Buya arrangement, uses minimalist and traditional concepts.
According to the media, during the night in the Warkop, visitors were rather crowded. Generally young people. Maybe it's because of Sunday night coinciding.
Rahman, one of the visitors, said that his days were spent hanging out at Warkop Buya.
"The coffee is good and fits on my tongue. Not to mention it's always crowded. My friends always gather here," I Rahman.
In line with Rahman, Wahyu, who is a daily journalist, said he was happy to hang out while looking for new inspiration as material for his writing.
Here I meet a lot of friends. "You can discuss and find new ideas," said the Chairman of PWRI Tolitoli.
Some other visitors who were met claimed to be happy. They seemed to enjoy enjoying their weekend night at Warkop Buya ...... (Mrf).
Senin, 22 April 2019 08:25

Ogodeide Residents Arrested by Maraja River Crocodile

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Alasannews.com, Tolitoli-Central Sulawesi | A resident in Ogodeide Daniel Subdistrict who lives in Pagaitan Village, Ogodeide Subdistrict, was lost because he was 'fed' crocodile on the Maraja River in Tumpapak Hamlet, Kamalu Village, Ogodeide District, Tolitoli District, Wednesday (04/17/2019).
 "The victim disappeared at around 6:00 p.m. when he was fishing with his friend Haris on the banks of the river," said Ogodeide police chief Ipda Ruru.
Haris explained the beginning of the victim's withdrawal when the victim finished eating and intends to wash food on the river.
 But suddenly a crocodile appeared in the water and immediately pulled the victim into the water.
Haris who was nearby could not save the victim.
"We and local residents and Babinsa have searched the banks of the Maraja river, but until now the victims and the crocodile have not been found," said the Ogodeide police chief.
"We urge the local residents to temporarily not carry out any activities around the Maraja river," he said.


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