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Well Come To Salando Island, Tolitoli, Central Sulawesi

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Alasannews.com, Tolitoli-Central Sulawesi | The choice of Tolitoli is a tourist destination area, strongly supported by the geographical location and culture of the people.

From the search of this media team, there are several objects that can be a mainstay like the outermost islands that Tolitoli has.

The three leading islands, Salando and Dolangan are very possible to become reliable destinations. While regional culture or culture, is an open area with no antipathy for incoming culture (positive origin).

Etni which area around destynasi is very familiar with outsiders - so that it can be guaranteed there is no friction with tourism development by the government.

One of the things the government is interested in developing is the island of Salando. 1 ° 20′16 ″ N 120 ° 47′31 ″ E / 1.33778 ° N 120.79194 ° E

The island of Salando is Indonesia's outer island located in the Sulawesi Sea and borders the countries of Malaysia and the Philippines.

This Salando Island is part of the Tolitoli District government area, Central Sulawesi province. The island is in the north of Tolitoli City with coordinates 1 ° 20′16 ″ LU, 120 ° 47′31 ″ BT

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