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Tolitoli, Give Basic Understanding of the Disaster Problem to TK Aisyiyah's Children

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Alasannews.com, Tolitoli Dozens of children from kindergarten (TK) Aisyiyah accompanied by teachers and parents, got directions about disasters from officials of the Tolitoli District Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Office.

A lecture on the basic understanding of this hate question was conveyed by Tolitoli BPBD secretary Vidya Putra S STP, Wednesday morning (2/27), when a number of kindergarten children visited the local BPBD office.

Secretary of the BPBD of Tolitoli Regency Vidya Putra, S.STP said that the visit was a disaster education aimed at providing a basic understanding of disaster to children. Provide knowledge of what should be done in the event of a disaster.

In addition, these kindergarten children were also invited to carry out disaster management simulations and were introduced to the officers on the ground during the disaster. They were given an understanding of what caused the disaster and its response, he said.

Vidya Putra added, in this activity his party also introduced a number of facilities and supporting tools for BPBD in Regional Disaster Management, such as fire trucks, inflatable boats, rescue cars and staff facilities in the field along with how to use them.

According to Vidya, this activity was carried out based on the official letter of the Principal of TK Aisyiyah to the BPBD, so that it was scheduled for the time of the students' visit to the disaster management introduction program, he explained.

Similar activities are also one of the routine programs carried out by BPBD each year at junior and senior high school in Tolitoli.

Although it does not cover all existing schools, this activity can continue to be carried out to increase the knowledge and knowledge of school children on how to avoid, deal with and cope with disasters.
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