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The Dondo tribe in Buga Ogodeide, Perform the Title of the Traditional Party

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The Dondo tribe in Buga Ogodeide, Perform the Title of the Traditional Party Alasannews.com, Buga-Tolitoli | Remember, the Kaili custom (Baiya) was held at the Palu Namoni event. The Dondo tribe in Buga Village, Ogodeide also has almost the same customs but not the same. The reason for the reason that the adat activities of the reason for the customary activities of the Dondo tribe inhabiting the village of Buga were traditionally passed down from ancestors since a long time ago.


This customary custom, is an expression of gratitude for the people of Dondo to the Creator of God Almighty. Even this custom long before they embraced the religion had been done by the people. "Usually, this custom is carried out when someone is grateful. This is an expression of gratitude by Dondo people when their efforts succeeded, such as the rice harvest, for example," said the Head of Buga Village, Rusli A Laindjong. With the symbol of drifting a special boat to the river or sea, it is an old tradition of the Dondo tribe which until now has been well preserved, especially in Buga.


The boat which is decorated with various customs, is a sign of gratitude for the person or tribe of Dondo to the creator. "This is purely indigenous. We are the current generation, almost do not understand if we do not follow the understanding of our characters," said Sukirman Manampa, another young generation of Dondo. A similar thing was expressed, Syarif Badar, a young generation of Dondo who were keen to fight for adat in this district. We, the ethnic group who inhabit this district, Dampaa, Dondo and Tolitoli must work together to grow and preserve our customs, said Syarif.


I got goose bumps. Another aspect is that there is a tradition, that is what the Dondo ethnic community in Buga Village does. Witnessing the custom of Dondo in Buga Village, Ogodeide District is a very valuable experience. I am pleased to go there at the notice of the head of the Salugan Village, Sukirman Day Manampa. Suardi


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