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KPK  hold  Monev (Monitoring and Evaluation)  RENAKSI  (the Action Planning) of Corruption Prevention : KPK Monitors SULTENG  from the MCP Application

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Alasannews.com/ Palu/  The development  of the  action planning  (RENAKSI)  to prevent corruption in the district today can be monitored easily by KPK through Monitoring Center for Prevention (MCP).


The application loads integrated information from some field of KPK supervision in the district, it covers planning and budgeting at the Regional Development Budget (APBD), procurement of goods and services, one door integrated services, Government Internal Control Apparatus (APIP) capability, the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) management, village funds, the optimalization of original local government revenue.

 By the activity of monitoring and evaluation (MONEV) at Central Sulawesi, KPK gives input to the development that will be achieved.

 From the idea, the government who has been represented by the inspector Drs. Muh. Muhlis, MM. when opening the monitoring evaluation action planning of corruption prevention integrated on Wednesday (20/2), in the Polibu room, apreciating the performance of KPK to push the creation of clean government system in central Sulawesi.

 “It can become motivation and learning to be aware and careful in managing the budget”

inspector message.

 The head of task force of KPK Korwil 9 who shade Central Sulawesi, North Sulawesi, Maluku, and North Maluku, Budi Waluya apreciating the province government that the score on MCP system achieved 65, it is higher than district government in the central Sulawesi.

 The rate score of central Sulawesi is just 56 from all the districts government.

 Another thing that has been appreciated by Budi is awarness of obligation to report at the report on state assets in the district govenrment environment which is higher from all the districts govenment.

 From 1000, about 465 have reported and expected to be submitted 100% in e-LHKPN before

31st March 2019.

“proud achievement, so I only do an improvement” said the head of task force, Budi.


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