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Alasannews.com, Palu-Central Sulawesi | The Red Croos (IFRC) International Federation Coordinator, Mrs. Camelia Field said that her party was trying its best to help handle the impact of the disaster in Central Sulawesi.

Together with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), Central Sulawesi Province, led by Moh. Hidayat Lamakarate, coordinated by all forms of handling, as revealed on Tuesday (5/3) in Palu.

Mrs. Camelia Field Coordinator of IFRC said that the disaster management program carried out by IFRC and PMI to support the acceleration of the recovery of the impact of the provincial disaster in Central Sulawesi was affected.

  Mrs. Camelia said that the idea of ​​building a temporary shelter which is planned to be carried out by IFRC is still in the process stage, and the program currently underway is the construction of Puskesmas and the construction of Pustu and support for the provision of clean water and sanitation.

Mrs. Camelia hopes for the support of the Provincial PMI and the Central PMI so that the Disaster Impact Recovery activities carried out by IFRC can be carried out well and in accordance with the expected goals.

Regional Secretary of Central Sulawesi, Moh. Hidayat Lamakarate, as the chairman of PMI expressed his hope that all IFRC and PMI program activities could run well such as the Acceleration of Puskesmas Development and the Development of 2 Unit Pustu and Fikosocial services to continue, Provision of Clean Water and Sanitation Facilities.

The Secretary conveyed in the implementation of IFRC and PMI activities to continue to improve coordination and if there were obstacles it could be conveyed to find the resolution process as soon as possible as well as all programs expected to be connected with the cluster-implemented programs in the hope that IFRC's programs would not overlap .

PMI and Cluster Clusters so that hopes of accelerating disaster recovery can be realized more quickly.

last Mrs. Camelia Field The IFRC Coordinator is very grateful to the Chairperson of the Central Sulawesi Province PMI who continued to facilitate the activities carried out by IFRC.bhst.
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Tolitoli, Wins Award as Human Rights Care District

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Alasannews.com, Tolitoli-Central Sulawesi | The Tolitoli District Government received an award as the Sufficient District Caring for Human Rights in 2018. The award was given by the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia to the Head of the Central Sulawesi Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Juliasman Purba, M.Sc then submitted to the Head of Law and Legislation Section of the Tolitoli District Secretariat Ridwan, SH.

According to Ridwan, the award was based on data on the achievement of the fulfillment of the basic rights that had been sought by the Regional Government (Pemda) of Tolitoli Regency.

District title is sufficient to care about the human rights achieved by Tolitoli District because of the efforts and achievements of the Regional Government along with its staff in implementing existing legal products, especially in the aspect of fulfilling human rights in Tolitoli communities. This is also supported by the Regional Government administrative assessment of the accuracy and accuracy of the Kemenkumham.

This award aims to motivate and encourage the realization of the fulfillment of the basic rights of the people by the Regional Government, especially the fulfillment of basic rights in the fields of health, education, women's and children's rights, the right to work, the right to adequate housing, and the right to a sustainable environment, he explained .

Ridwan also said, this was the result of the hard work of all parties, both from the regional apparatus and the support of Tolitoli residents, so that good scores were obtained from the criteria for caring for human rights.
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Tulude Events, Ambotuban Invite Raja XVII Tolitoli

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Alsannews.com, Tolitoli - Central Sulawesi | The Ambo Tuban community of Laulalang Village, North Tolitoli District held a cultural Tulude cultural event from Sangihe Talaud which collaborated with Tolitoli's local wisdom culture.

Ambotuban residents are almost entirely immigrants from Sangihe Talaud, North Sulawesi, and have lived there for a long time.

The cultural event was attended by King Tolitoli H. Moh. Saleh Bantilan, SH. MH. this morning, Friday (03/03/2019).

Kades Laulalang, Moh. Takdir SE., When met at Laulalang Village, said that his party as the Village Head responded to the people's desire to present Raja Tolitoli on the event.

"We are facing Pak Pak Alek, as the Tolitoli customary leader and will be welcomed as King of XVII Tolitoli with a traditional procession and flowering this morning," said Kades Laulalang.

Activities involved the Ambotuban community and the Laulalang community in general. Local community leaders were also present. Among other things, Yohanes Barambae, Edwin Tatemba, Yosias Kahimpong.

The activity was launched at the residence of one of the pioneering community leaders in the Ambotuban village, Tatabra Sabu.

Cultural collaboration is felt because the Sabu Tatabra itself is not a Sangihe person but a person from Buton Sulawasi Tenggara.

There were present young menado of blood women, Meyske Meite, SE, who also supported the implementation of the cultural event.

Field observations were attended by North Tolitoli Sub-District Chief Kaharuddin, S.Sos, accompanied by North Tolitoli sub-district staff.

On arrival H. Moh. Saleh Bantilan, SH. MH., Was greeted with a traditional musical performance of Tuntang accompanying the singing of the traditional Sanger King.

Residents welcomed the arrival of King Tolitoli who was also an enthusiastic Regent of Tolotoli

Attending King Tolitoli, King's Eldest Son who is also Crown Prince, Yapto Suryo Saputro with His Wife, Anastasya Ercindy Hartanto. Also present was Second Putran, Moh. Great Bantilan in the royal hierarchy, as Viceroy

In his remarks, Alek Bantilan claimed the arrival of King Tolitoli's capacity as an adat leader in the hope of encouraging closeness in the framework of local culture and wisdom.

"Even though I am the Regent of Tolitoli everyday, and I am also the Chairman of the PAN Party, I am here as the King, Pemitu Adat Tolitoli", said Alek Bantilan in his speech.

Furthermore King Tolitoli, admitted that he was very intense in encouraging the development of culture and local wisdom that existed. "Tulude and traditional music programs like that we should encourage to be preserved", he said, ending the speech of King Tolitoli ... (****)

Alasannews.com, Tolitoli Dozens of children from kindergarten (TK) Aisyiyah accompanied by teachers and parents, got directions about disasters from officials of the Tolitoli District Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Office.

A lecture on the basic understanding of this hate question was conveyed by Tolitoli BPBD secretary Vidya Putra S STP, Wednesday morning (2/27), when a number of kindergarten children visited the local BPBD office.

Secretary of the BPBD of Tolitoli Regency Vidya Putra, S.STP said that the visit was a disaster education aimed at providing a basic understanding of disaster to children. Provide knowledge of what should be done in the event of a disaster.

In addition, these kindergarten children were also invited to carry out disaster management simulations and were introduced to the officers on the ground during the disaster. They were given an understanding of what caused the disaster and its response, he said.

Vidya Putra added, in this activity his party also introduced a number of facilities and supporting tools for BPBD in Regional Disaster Management, such as fire trucks, inflatable boats, rescue cars and staff facilities in the field along with how to use them.

According to Vidya, this activity was carried out based on the official letter of the Principal of TK Aisyiyah to the BPBD, so that it was scheduled for the time of the students' visit to the disaster management introduction program, he explained.

Similar activities are also one of the routine programs carried out by BPBD each year at junior and senior high school in Tolitoli.

Although it does not cover all existing schools, this activity can continue to be carried out to increase the knowledge and knowledge of school children on how to avoid, deal with and cope with disasters.



The Dondo tribe in Buga Ogodeide, Perform the Title of the Traditional Party Alasannews.com, Buga-Tolitoli | Remember, the Kaili custom (Baiya) was held at the Palu Namoni event. The Dondo tribe in Buga Village, Ogodeide also has almost the same customs but not the same. The reason for the reason that the adat activities of the reason for the customary activities of the Dondo tribe inhabiting the village of Buga were traditionally passed down from ancestors since a long time ago.


This customary custom, is an expression of gratitude for the people of Dondo to the Creator of God Almighty. Even this custom long before they embraced the religion had been done by the people. "Usually, this custom is carried out when someone is grateful. This is an expression of gratitude by Dondo people when their efforts succeeded, such as the rice harvest, for example," said the Head of Buga Village, Rusli A Laindjong. With the symbol of drifting a special boat to the river or sea, it is an old tradition of the Dondo tribe which until now has been well preserved, especially in Buga.


The boat which is decorated with various customs, is a sign of gratitude for the person or tribe of Dondo to the creator. "This is purely indigenous. We are the current generation, almost do not understand if we do not follow the understanding of our characters," said Sukirman Manampa, another young generation of Dondo. A similar thing was expressed, Syarif Badar, a young generation of Dondo who were keen to fight for adat in this district. We, the ethnic group who inhabit this district, Dampaa, Dondo and Tolitoli must work together to grow and preserve our customs, said Syarif.


I got goose bumps. Another aspect is that there is a tradition, that is what the Dondo ethnic community in Buga Village does. Witnessing the custom of Dondo in Buga Village, Ogodeide District is a very valuable experience. I am pleased to go there at the notice of the head of the Salugan Village, Sukirman Day Manampa. Suardi



Alasannews.com/ Palu/  The development  of the  action planning  (RENAKSI)  to prevent corruption in the district today can be monitored easily by KPK through Monitoring Center for Prevention (MCP).


The application loads integrated information from some field of KPK supervision in the district, it covers planning and budgeting at the Regional Development Budget (APBD), procurement of goods and services, one door integrated services, Government Internal Control Apparatus (APIP) capability, the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) management, village funds, the optimalization of original local government revenue.

 By the activity of monitoring and evaluation (MONEV) at Central Sulawesi, KPK gives input to the development that will be achieved.

 From the idea, the government who has been represented by the inspector Drs. Muh. Muhlis, MM. when opening the monitoring evaluation action planning of corruption prevention integrated on Wednesday (20/2), in the Polibu room, apreciating the performance of KPK to push the creation of clean government system in central Sulawesi.

 “It can become motivation and learning to be aware and careful in managing the budget”

inspector message.

 The head of task force of KPK Korwil 9 who shade Central Sulawesi, North Sulawesi, Maluku, and North Maluku, Budi Waluya apreciating the province government that the score on MCP system achieved 65, it is higher than district government in the central Sulawesi.

 The rate score of central Sulawesi is just 56 from all the districts government.

 Another thing that has been appreciated by Budi is awarness of obligation to report at the report on state assets in the district govenrment environment which is higher from all the districts govenment.

 From 1000, about 465 have reported and expected to be submitted 100% in e-LHKPN before

31st March 2019.

“proud achievement, so I only do an improvement” said the head of task force, Budi.


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