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Warkop Buya Your Coffee Solution with a Traditional Food

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Alasannews.com, Tolitoli-Central Sulawesi | The popularity of Warung Kopi (Warkop) is still the top hangout in Tolitoli. Coffee lovers, from all walks of life in this city, spend time in warkop spread over several points.
Every city feels incomplete if you don't have a coffee station. Yes, it's called Warkop.
One of the many coffee shops is Warkop Buya. Andi Hamka Palewai's Warkop upbringing operates on Jl. Ismail Bantilan, Panasakan Village.
On the sidelines of his busy schedule, Owner Warkop Buya, Andi Hamka Palewai, took the time to receive and chat with the editorial staff of Alasannews.com at his warkop, Saturday (05/04/2019)
In the conversation, the initiator of Buya Coffee told about the initial initiation to the philosophy contained in each treat from the coffee concoction.
"Mixing coffee must be tasteful. From that taste that gives birth to love. With that, coffee will be welcomed with love by the lover," Andi Hamka said in a rather serious tone.
Coffee served by Warkop Buya, Andi Hamka claimed as the first generation of coffee if it refers to the method of concocting it.
To maintain the authenticity of the flavor, Andi Hamka was still down and immediately mixed it. Even if it is carried out by his child, Andi Hamka will continue to control it.
Aside from the typical coffee, the Warkop buya provides various types of treat menus which are generally available in cafes or warkop in general
However, from all the menus, the mainstay menu is Kaledo, Palubasa and Palumara.
The three mainstay menus are all traditionally known regions in Sulawesi. Kaledo is a traditional specialty of Palu, Central Sulawesi. Whereas Pallumara and Pallubasa are typical of South Sulawesi.
"We need to lift and continue to preserve our traditional food. But it needs to be combined with contemporary tastes to be well received by today's consumers," explained Andi Hamka.
Warkop Buya is actually a newcomer to Tolitoli. But with the superiority of the taste of coffee and its three mainstay menus, it is believed to be able to become a competitive Warkop in Tolitoli.
Evidently, just launched a few months ago, the Warkop, which initially opened on the Trans Sulawesi Road, Ginunggung, is now always crowded with visitors.
Regarding the arrangement and appearance of the Warkop room, Andi explained that the design concept of the place displayed in the Warkop Buya arrangement, uses minimalist and traditional concepts.
According to the media, during the night in the Warkop, visitors were rather crowded. Generally young people. Maybe it's because of Sunday night coinciding.
Rahman, one of the visitors, said that his days were spent hanging out at Warkop Buya.
"The coffee is good and fits on my tongue. Not to mention it's always crowded. My friends always gather here," I Rahman.
In line with Rahman, Wahyu, who is a daily journalist, said he was happy to hang out while looking for new inspiration as material for his writing.
Here I meet a lot of friends. "You can discuss and find new ideas," said the Chairman of PWRI Tolitoli.
Some other visitors who were met claimed to be happy. They seemed to enjoy enjoying their weekend night at Warkop Buya ...... (Mrf).
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