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Acknowledge As a Child, This Grandmother Maintain Crocodile 37 Years

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Alasannews.com, Parimo-Sulteng | The life of Aji's grandmother and her husband are below the normal standards of the surrounding community.

However, the house of Grandma Aji (147), always gets a visit from people from outside the village. Even though, from this grandmother, it was spelled out from ordinary people to officials and businessmen.

This, because grandmother claimed that her crocodile was her own biological child. This crocodile, said to have been kept for 37 years by the grandmother in her house.

Occupying the wrong space in his house, the grandmother treated the dangerous reftil modestly whenever there were guests who wanted to visit him.

The crocodile is approximately 180 cm in size, by being placed inside the house but it is partitioned with brick walls and the top is covered with a board that can be opened if a guest visits it.

Grandma aji, feed her every day with 10 chicken eggs, if there is no egg Grandma finds fish in the moon by fishing in bushes.
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