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Tolitoli caravan, Include Miniature Balre Masigi at the Ta'ruf STQH Parade in Kolonedale

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Alasannews.com, Kolonodale | Tolitoli Regency caravans participating in the Central Sulawesi Provincial Qur'an Recitations and Hadith (STQH) XXV in North Morowali District, participated in all pre-opening stages carried out by the Committee.
This is a form of support and full participation of Tolitoli District for organizing this biennial Islamic event.

  The pre-opening stage which was followed was the Ta'ruf Parade on Friday afternoon (8/3) by displaying religious elements in the form of Al-Qur'an in large size, cultural elements in the form of Balre Masigi traditional house miniatures and elements of natural resource potential such as cloves paraded using four-wheeled vehicle (car) which surrounds the city of Kolonedale. In the evening, the entire Tolitoli Regency caravan followed the Ta'ruf Night which was held by the Committee in the Morowali North Regent's Office Hall. One of the agendas at the Ta'ruf Malam program was exchanging souvenirs from each region who were STQH participants.    At that moment, the Regent of Tolitoli represented by the Assistant Regional Secretary for Economic, Development and Welfare Ir. Muh. In addition to receiving souvenirs from 12 regencies / cities in Central Sulawesi, Nur Munawar also handed over souvenirs in the form of clove ornaments to representatives of each Regency / City accompanied by the Head of the Tolitoli Civil Service Section, Hj. Halimah Bandung, S.Sos.   Head of Sub. Section of the Religion Section of the Secretariat of Tolitoli, Hj. Andi Tenriani, S.IP explained that pre-opening activities like this were an inseparable agenda for every STQH and Musabaqah Tilawatil Qur'an (MTQ).
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