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Tulude Events, Ambotuban Invite Raja XVII Tolitoli

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Alsannews.com, Tolitoli - Central Sulawesi | The Ambo Tuban community of Laulalang Village, North Tolitoli District held a cultural Tulude cultural event from Sangihe Talaud which collaborated with Tolitoli's local wisdom culture.

Ambotuban residents are almost entirely immigrants from Sangihe Talaud, North Sulawesi, and have lived there for a long time.

The cultural event was attended by King Tolitoli H. Moh. Saleh Bantilan, SH. MH. this morning, Friday (03/03/2019).

Kades Laulalang, Moh. Takdir SE., When met at Laulalang Village, said that his party as the Village Head responded to the people's desire to present Raja Tolitoli on the event.

"We are facing Pak Pak Alek, as the Tolitoli customary leader and will be welcomed as King of XVII Tolitoli with a traditional procession and flowering this morning," said Kades Laulalang.

Activities involved the Ambotuban community and the Laulalang community in general. Local community leaders were also present. Among other things, Yohanes Barambae, Edwin Tatemba, Yosias Kahimpong.

The activity was launched at the residence of one of the pioneering community leaders in the Ambotuban village, Tatabra Sabu.

Cultural collaboration is felt because the Sabu Tatabra itself is not a Sangihe person but a person from Buton Sulawasi Tenggara.

There were present young menado of blood women, Meyske Meite, SE, who also supported the implementation of the cultural event.

Field observations were attended by North Tolitoli Sub-District Chief Kaharuddin, S.Sos, accompanied by North Tolitoli sub-district staff.

On arrival H. Moh. Saleh Bantilan, SH. MH., Was greeted with a traditional musical performance of Tuntang accompanying the singing of the traditional Sanger King.

Residents welcomed the arrival of King Tolitoli who was also an enthusiastic Regent of Tolotoli

Attending King Tolitoli, King's Eldest Son who is also Crown Prince, Yapto Suryo Saputro with His Wife, Anastasya Ercindy Hartanto. Also present was Second Putran, Moh. Great Bantilan in the royal hierarchy, as Viceroy

In his remarks, Alek Bantilan claimed the arrival of King Tolitoli's capacity as an adat leader in the hope of encouraging closeness in the framework of local culture and wisdom.

"Even though I am the Regent of Tolitoli everyday, and I am also the Chairman of the PAN Party, I am here as the King, Pemitu Adat Tolitoli", said Alek Bantilan in his speech.

Furthermore King Tolitoli, admitted that he was very intense in encouraging the development of culture and local wisdom that existed. "Tulude and traditional music programs like that we should encourage to be preserved", he said, ending the speech of King Tolitoli ... (****)
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